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1968 Gibson SG Cherry Maestro Vibrola

Maybe the ultimate Rock guitar of all time; the SG in Cherry with Maestro Vibrola. After the demise of the Les Paul, a completely new take on the shape and sound of a Gibson Solid Body electric guitar came to life. Whereas the Les Paul was actually meant as a Solid Body Jazz guitar, with the appereance of the SG went as much as 'modern day rock' as they could. The slick and slim body contours, the most easily accessible neck they've ever had & lightweight construction were combined with the now iconic two horns. Think Agnus Young and Robby Krieger to name a few.

The serial no. on the SG dates him back to 1968. You can see this guitar has been played and loved for many years, but it's in good shape and looks far from outworn. Sounds amazing and is technically in really good condition. Original Meastro Vibrola, original tuners, original hardware.

A minor and slim headcrack has been professionally been repaired more than 30y ago.

Comes with the original case!