Sacksioni Guitarshop


This fine tradition of string craftsmanship began with British musician John Pearse researching instrument strings in the 1960s. His mission was to design a string that was longer lasting with a more accurate, high-quality sound. Over 50 years later, John Pearse strings are highly respected and used by professional musicians around the world. We are proud to offer our customer a full line of John Pearse strings for many varieties of stringed instruments.

We have acoustic and electric John Pearse guitar strings, banjo strings, classical guitar strings and strings for pedal steel guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bouzouki and more. You will find 12-string guitar strings, loop-end single strings and violin strings. Among the acoustic John Pearse strings are 80/20 Bronze, Silk and Bronze, Nickel, Nuage and Phosphor Bronze varieties. Their Nuage strings are silver-plated, copper-wound and silk wrapped.